MMA Nutrition and Tips



If you’re hoping to participate in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in any facet, you may be wondering if sports nutrition is important for you or not. The simple answer to that question is, without a doubt. In fact, every athlete, no matter what the sport, can benefit from proper sports nutrition. Your goals as a mixed martial artist, of course, will not be the same as the goals of a bodybuilder or a football player, but practising correct sports nutrition can help you to obtain them.

You must remember that, as a martial artist, it is your job to be as strong and as lean as your own body type will permit. Any fault in you can be exploited by your opponent. While your body will never be “perfect,” practising proper sports nutrition can help it to get as close as possible and give you an advantage over your opponents.

While it is likely that you’re already on a workout and strength training regimen, many mixed martial artists underestimate the importance of their diet. A great way to find a healthful eating plan that promotes endurance and strength is to speak with your coach or to find a nutritionist. These professionals can point you in the right direction and can help you learn what to eat and what supplements to take to reach your personal or professional goals.

For marital artists, getting the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants is especially important. These substances can increase your energy, your ability to build lean muscle, and can also make you mentally stronger. The stronger your mind is, the more quickly you will be able to think on your feet.

This is useful when you’re plotting out what your next move will be. Your diet should contain plenty of vegetables, lean meats, lentils, and healthy energy-promoting carbohydrates. You might also be advised to take certain nutrition supplements, such as Colostrum or Creatine. You should only add supplements to your diet when advised by a professional, and then, you must be sure to only take the amount that has been specified to you. Going overboard with certain substances or with any one food group can actually have negative, rather than positive, outcomes.

Once you start your sports nutrition program, you will likely find that you have more energy and that you are able to train and exercise for longer periods of time. Again, you should not create a new exercise plan or modify your existing one without the guidance of a professional. Speaking to a trainer, martial arts coach, a doctor, or another professional can help you to choose the correct forms of exercise in the proper amounts. Too much exercise or too little exercise, even with the use of a sports diet and nutritional supplements, can have a negative impact. You must always remember that diet and exercise are both important parts of a proper sports nutrition plan. You simply cannot have one without the other.

Important Tips


  • Muscle recovery and growth is paramount for the mixed martial artist, whether amateur or professional mma fighter, nutrition plays a key role
  • Many MMA fighters take a high protein post workout shake after their session to ensure their body has everything it needs for recovery
  • Carbohydrate intake varies from one training day to the next as the body requires less carbs on a non training day, so most mma athletes adjust accordingly
  • Performance in mma will be hampered if the right nutrition and diet is not followed, eventually it will catch up with you - so it's better to get the right sports nutrition for your sport prepared with high quality proteins and carbohydrates!